We are at the end of the first day now and I must say that we’ve had a bit of everything.

We took into custody the two (relatively)Β small creatures around 9:30 this morning – which, by the way, seems like ages ago.

At first we’ve had tons of tears. I think more of us, rather than theirs’, but we kinda got over them after 2 hours. In all this time you could find Toni only in front of the main door, crying like a baby. After horrible fights with his incredible force to keep him inside whenever we had to open that door, I think they finally made pace with the idea they they don’t really have a choice but stick to us.

In all this time, Waldo already got used with all the hidden spots of the house and with all the tops of the closets. πŸ™‚ Bon! and here it starts: Toni trying to open all the doors around, including drawers and the washing machine door πŸ™‚ (He didn’t make it in, don’t worry). Later on, we introduced them to the other rooms – where they totally enjoyed the view from the window.

Buuuuuut, at a certain moment Toni stopped crying – which you would say it’s good, but not so good when you can’t find him. Then we discovered that he really enjoys being in the laundry basket, all the way in the laundry room. Such a relief to find him QUIET :))

Now in the evening we’ve played a bit with the food and now they’re nicely resting.

Nervous for the night though…. Let’s see what it brings to us. I’ll come back in the morning. Nighty-night.

Hope you enjoy the pics. πŸ™‚

[11pm note: Toni is snoring almost like a human. ;-)]


Listening to the alien sound coming out of the toilet πŸ™‚


Ohhh, I think he just spotted the top of the kitchen closet πŸ™


“Is he talking with me?”


Yummyyyyy! Lekker!


“Show me what you’re hiding in there”


“Ahaaaa! I knew it!”


“Hey you! Yes! you with the ugly hat! Wha’ca lookin’ at?”


“That’s right! Run away you silly”




“I’m out of here!’

DSC_4680 2

He was posing for me for like 10 minutes πŸ™‚

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