Now that is almost time to go to sleep, or at least try 🙂 I thought I can quickly update you guys.

Actually, there’s not much to say as they’ve been sleeping most of the time. We’ve had some fun in between, playing and eating, but that was it.

New favourite spots?

Waldo quit the top of the closet and moved to the bed. He’s a real sweetheart, especially as we knew him being a cat that doesn’t like petting that much. Well, now we’re best friends, I can even take him in my arms – with no damages involved 🙂

Toni was the whole day behind the bedroom door, but now he moved next to the window. He’s accompanied by all our stuffed animals. He’s not alone in this 🙂

We’re really looking forward to see what this night brings us. I will update you in the morning.

PS. I think we are more and more convinced to have a cat ourselves. We will really miss Toni and Waldo 🙁

[Later edit: Thijs doesn’t agree with the first part of the above mentioned – with us wanting a cat. He doesn’t disagree either. He says “we will talk about it”. Still, I keep my opinion as it is here. I might want a cat. Very soon. Hint for Thijs: in very few days it’s my birthday. That solves the present issue. 🙂 ]

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