It’s the end of day 3, but I must admit that not much happened. Even though I’ve been home the whole day, we – the cats, Thijs and myself – were quite busy with work/sleeping for the cats.

We’ve had a better night than the one before, that’s for sure. Toni was most of the time either on my pillow, either next to me.  Waldo was on his spot: on top of the closet.

Other than that, today we’ve seen Toni for the first time eating all his portion and Waldo discovered a new, virgin spot: the top of the kitchen closets.

Oh, I almost forgot! Toni kept me company most of the day on my desk – but not anywhere on the desk, but in front of my computer. For obvious reasons it was impossible to get that in a picture. But you have to put your imagination to work a bit 🙂

That was about it.

Looking forward to whatever this night brings. I hope I get some good rest though.

Nighty night.


DSC_4845DSC_4843 DSC_4850

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