Bon! Let’s do this.

They returned to their home this evening, around 6pm. Since then everything is so quiet and empty. I must say I feel a bit overwhelmed at this moment. But I’ll do my best to describe our day. Anyway, I will follow up next days with some other thoughts and feelings.

Soooo, our night. Was rather ok, as I was super exhausted and too tired to hear anything. Still, I know Toni slept again at my feet and had some more crying crisis. But that was fine.

In the morning I witnessed their ‘catch me if you can’ ritual 🙂 They were super playful and they were running all over the house. Was quite nice to see them like that.

Then, over the day we had the same old story: they slept, ate, and Toni begged to be petted on my desk, on top of my computer.

When Lieven and Annelien came to pick them up, we had quite a challenge to get the cats out of the bedroom. Waldo was really fighting back 🙂 I would like to think that he really enjoyed his time with us and he didn’t want to leave yet.

Was a sad and hard moment to say ‘goodbye’ to Toni and Waldo, but I know we can see them anytime we want.

I think this is it for tonight. I will be right back next days to share all my thoughts and feelings about this super-duper nice experiment.

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