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Now I’m coming with big news: after the beautiful 5 days experience we have finally decided to have a cat of our own.? Having Toni and Waldo around for 5 days has been a great experience and, to be honest, after they left the house felt pretty empty. ?

Therefore, on a late Friday evening, we decided to search a cat/kitten for adoption.? We’ve chosen the adoption option as in Belgium there are a lot of adoption centres where they rescue or find the cats, put them in the vet for check-ups, vaccines, blood tests, sterilisation and all. Then they take care of them either in their own centre, either through foster families. And you can choose to go and visit and see the cats, play with them and see if you have a real bond with them before you take them home. But I will come back with another blog about these shelters, where you can find them, what is the adoption procedure and what do you need to know before adopting a cat.

Today I would like to talk a bit about the preps we did for the cat and how much everything costed us.

As you can see from the pictures bellow, we kinda went crazy with the shoppings – but we also had a good reason for this – we’ll talk about this a bit later. Important to remember is that the first two pictures are actually more than enough to start with (plus food of course). I have also put together all the items we have bought, with prices and the stores we purchased them. Now of course it will look like a fortune, but keep in mind that you can very well start with the Maxi Zoo and Macro (in our case) shopping lists (150Euro more or less). The rest is all optional, depending on your own or cat’s preferences. Then we also had to pay an adoption fee of 115Euro for the cat – which makes it a relative cost, of course.

Therefore, if you consider having a cat you should have available at least 150Euro to start with. Then also inform about the price of the cat you would love to have and depending on her/his age and condition, you should also be prepared for some visits to the vet. I don’t have experience with the vet yet, but I will inform about that soon enough and I will let you know.

Just in case you might consider a cat, I have prepared a small check list: ?

Must have: 

Our total initial costs of having a cat

Our total initial costs of having a cat

  • Litter box – covered or not
  • Litter sand
  • A scoop for the litter box
  • Food – appropriate for the cat’s age
  • Transport box, preferably with a cosy pillow inside
  • Food and water bowls – the inox ones are the most hygienic

Should have:

  • A cosy, fluffy pillow for the cat
  • Some toys to entertain the cat
  • A laser pointer
  • A brush
  • Cat grass
  • A scratching mat
  • A second litter box

Very nice to have, but optional:

  • Toys with catnip
  • Play spray
  • Some more toys – there are never too many
  • A cosy place for the cat to hide and play (see the big round thing in pictures)
  • Deo for the litter box
  • Drinking fountain
  • Any other thing you find in the pet stores ?
This is the first round of shopping - enough to start with - What do you need before you have a cat

This is the first round of shopping – enough to start with

What do you need before you have a cat

Details of the first round of shopping

What do you need before you have a cat

Second round of shopping – Additional stuff

What do you need before you have a cat

Details of the second round of shopping

Remember to follow us closely as I will come back with very interesting and practical info about what it takes to have a cat. ?

See yea!

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