Dear all,

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family: his name is Bhumi and he is a handsome, crazy little cat. 

Short after we adopted Sharu, we’ve decided that we need to adopt a second cat to keep her company. The thing was that Sharu was obviously suffering from feeling lonely – even though we barely left her home alone. She was constantly crying every night, around 4am, which wasn’t too convenient for us either as she keep us from having a good night rest. Then we contacted Kat Zoekt Thuis again and we asked for the first kitty available for adoption. I didn’t care how it looked, if it was a she or he, if it’s white or black. I just wanted a healthy kitty. And that’s how we got Bhumi.

He’s such a sweet cat, I can’t even describe him in few words – I will have more posts dedicated to him to be able to fully tell how he is. Bhumi is the total opposite of Sharu. He’s super mega active, in constant move, with an endless curiosity and courage. He’s everywhere in the same moment. He bites and licks everything he sees. He plays with everything. He loves to be spoiled. He jumps like a bunny. He likes to sleep under the blanket. And he eats everything, not only comestible goods, but everything – we once caught him chewing a tooth-pick.

That’s about him for now. This week we will go to the vet to get the second vaccine and another round of de-warming stuff. I’ll keep you posted. Until then, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to see more photos with the cats.

Many, many thanks to Cristian Marin for the beautiful photos.

Next: How to introduce a new cat to the already existing one!

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© Photo curtesy of Cristian Marin

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