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Thanks for following this blog and for sharing your stories and thoughts with me.

About me? Well, my name is Andreea and I’ve never really been a pet person. I mean I’ve always had one pet around the house:

  • Started with a hamster, Cleopatra 🙂 – until she escaped her aquarium and my parents weren’t happy about it and I had to give her away
  • then a kitty – but because we only survived together about a week (I was 6 or so) I didn’t even have time to give her a name 🙂 I hand this one over to my neighbour as was too exhausting for me
  • A couple of bunnies over the years at my grandparents – I still don’t know what happened with all of them 🙁
  • A Guinea pig, Bubuila – I’ve received him at my 14th b-day and he’s been with our family his full life (about 5 years or so)
  • Then I got a cat, Joy – and when I moved in Belgium I asked my parents to take care of him. Now he’s the main male cat of the village where my parents live 🙂 Such a macho 🙂
  • And finally, in 2016 we’ve got Sharu (on 6 March) and Bhumi (12 June)

Hope you will enjoy reading about Bhumi and Sharu at least as much as I’m having fun with them.

You can always write me to share your compliments, critics, proposals or ideas.


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