Here are 10 PROs and Cons of having a cat (or more ?)

You’re better off WITHOUT a cat because:

?They will wake you up at 4am just to play or cuddle
?You will have surprises on the bathroom floor
? All your clothes will be covered in hairs
? You must dig in for poop at least few times a week
? You’ll get many scratches and bruises playing with them
? Their favourite sleeping place is in front of the TV
? They will destroy all your shoes
? You can’t eat anything in their presence without sharing
? They might only cuddle with your partner, not with you
? They are just like a small kid – they need 110% of your attention and energy

Why life is better WITH cats? Because….

?They can be the loveliest creatures you’ve ever seen
?They can feel when you’re sad and they cuddle
? Their purr has miraculous healing powers
? It’s proven that they lower your stress level
? They can teach you how to stop and enjoy the moment
? Playing with them is equivalent to 1h in the gym
? They are the best pillow you could ever wish for
? They teach you to always do your dishes
? They can save your life when critical
? They can be the perfect muse for your creativity

What do you think? Do you have more suggestions?

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