Do you have a favorite spot in your house? Maybe the corner of the couch, under a warm blanket? Or that tiny spot next to your window, on a cozy chair, where you can enjoy a good book?
Well, I don’t know about you, but I do have some particular spots around the house where I would sit all day long, and guess what? Bhumi and Sharu have them too.


Let’s take Bhumi first. There is no doubt that is utmost favorite spot in the house is laying on the tight back of our sofa(see below what I mean). When he’s not hibernating there, you can for sure find him laying on the ground – just randomly on the floor, even though sometimes I have the feeling he’s intentionally laying wherever we have to be (on the kitchen floor – every time we cook; or underneath the desk). And last but not least, he always joins us at the dining table for every meal – everyday for breakfast and dinner and sometimes for lunch too. He’s soooo cute sitting there, almost begging for food, but yet no daring to step on the table ???


On the other side, Sharu is very different. She’s very fond of her dedicated pillows around the house, as well as the cat trees we have. She’s super delicate in everything she’s doing, from the way she walks and eats to even how and where she sleeps. I don’t think we’ll ever see her sleeping on the floor or on a chair.

And of course, my favorite part is when they cuddle with me when I’m watching TV. They just brighten my day ?

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