Day 4: I missed them


Sooooo, today was the first day I wasn’t home most of the time. I had to leave at 7am and came back only at 8pm, so they’ve been pretty much on their own today. I must admit something: I missed them quite a lot during the day. I know you might think: “yeah, right. you … [Continue reading]

Day 3: short day


It’s the end of day 3, but I must admit that not much happened. Even though I’ve been home the whole day, we – the cats, Thijs and myself – were quite busy with work/sleeping for the cats. We’ve had a better night than the one before, that’s for sure. Toni was most of the … [Continue reading]

Day one: a bit of everything

Waldo - The 5 days experiment -

We are at the end of the first day now and I must say that we’ve had a bit of everything. We took into custody the two (relatively) small creatures around 9:30 this morning – which, by the way, seems like ages ago. At first we’ve had tons of tears. I think more of us, rather … [Continue reading]